darshan ambient

compositions by michael allison

Lingering Day ~ Anatomy of a Daydream!
October 13, 2017
Tranquil thoughts of sleep inducing music set a powerful foundation for Lingering Day: Anatomy Of A Daydream, the newest release by acclaimed Spotted Peccary Music artist Darshan Ambient (Michael Allison). Serene atmospheres and cinematic orchestrations enthrall while Darshan Ambient's signature piano melodies, processed guitar work, and nuanced synth-string passages work their magic, portraying a true sense of wonder and space.

This contemplative work, loosely based on the ancient story of The Seven Sleepers, is an abstracted and transformed experience of dramatic subtlety which opens a wide lens of character and emotion, sleep and relaxation, and mythological truths, which, in the sum of its compelling presentation, is instantly engaging and inspiring.